Saturday, August 19, 2006

Breaking News!!! Wisconsin Drops Mike and Mike Show

This just in...Green Bay, Madison and Greater Milwaukee radio stations have officially dropped ESPN's Mike & Mike show. "The listeners are the ones who pay our bills; so we must listen to them about this outcry of anger," says one radio Program Director. Listeners have been calling in record numbers, demanding that their radio station drop the Mike & Mike Show due to irreverent and unholy-type statements regarding Brett Favre. "If Brett's not number 1 in Greenberg's eyes, then Mike & Mike won't be in ours';" says one die-hard Packer fan, and former Mike & Mike listener.

Mike Greenberg was not available for comments.

Also, in the news- local Wisconsin Ice Salesman just landed huge contract to supply ice to all inhabitants of the Yukon Territory in Northern Canada.

By Coming Home Chronicle Editor and Chief, Matt Pregont


Jeannie said...

Duh. They should've known better.

kyperman said...

HEY MATT !!! Wow nice to hear from you. I am so glad you have joined the blogging word. Now we just have to get Jon to do it, he is holding out. 6 are nuts, but in a good way. Please stay in touch I will post a link to you on my blog.