Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mary Update, Home by Christmas?

One thing I failed to mention on my last post is that we are in the process of adopting a 6 year old girl, Mary, from Liberia. OK, I can read your mind....no, the Pregont's aren't crazy for having 6 kids. I would like to say I've always wanted 6 kids, but that isn't true. I thought we were done at 4, and then 5 but God ..... and Angel weren't. It wasn't until I really prayed about whether adopting Mary was what was best for my family that I understood the whole metaphor of a quiver that David writes about in Psalms 127:4&5, were he states: "Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them..." Our quiver didn't feel full until we said "YES" to Mary. A couple of days after our decision to bring Mary home, Angel and I both were thinking that our family feels complete. It is the first time we've ever said that. I am not one that says "you have to have a big family." Each families' quiver is different in size, and this fallen man is not about to judge a family for having 1 or 2 children.

I read a great article in Christianity Today's August 2006 magazine called "The Case For Kids, a defense of the large family by a 'six time breeder." by Leslie Leyland Fields. It is great article on the inner reasons we have children, and how children who come from larger families are able to be more tolerant of others, able to work with different personalities in the workplace, and are exposed to leadership qualities earlier in life. Maybe this why I'm not more successful at work; I only had 1 brother and 1 sister.

Angel and I will often think into the future, wondering who are children will marry, and what nationality they will be. As a boy growing up I liked girls that looked like my mom and sister; well, our boys will have 3 different "looks" to like. I get excited about that. No, I'm not excited about my girls dating, they will have to wait till they are 35 :-).

Back to the topic at hand. We just heard from our adoption agency that Mary's paperwork is in the court process. What that means is now the court officials will seek out Mary's family (mom or dad, and then if they can't find them, then grandparents, aunts/uncles) to confirm to the court that they wish to relinquish parental rights. Keep in mind that Mary has been at this orphanage for 3 years, so it is not likely that someone will all of a sudden want to take her back in. We have been cautiously told 3 months, so we are just praying that she will be home by Christmas. While in Liberia I found out an amazing thing. Liberians name girls that don't have a name- Mary, like our John Doe/Jane Doe. So, there is a chance that she is not too attached to her name. Also, many of the children at this orphanage know that their name will be changed when they get adopted. When the court papers are complete and parental rights are transferred to us, we will be able to call Mary over the phone and I will say something to the affect: "I have named all my children, I would like to name you, would you like a new name." The names in contention are Anna, Hope, Ruby and a few others. Right now we can mail her some little things like lotion, ear rings, etc... It is hard at times when I really think about what she is going through daily. I just want to hop on a plane and get her.

I will keep everyone updated on Mary Coming Home. At the top of the post is the latest picture of her. Isn't she beautiful!!!


Beth W. said...

Hey Matt- love your blog! It's good to see pictures and hear how you and your growing family are doing. It seems appropriate that a girl named Mary would come home at Christmas! My vote for her new name would be Hope- that was always on my list if I ever had a girl!

Beth Wilmot

Anonymous said...

Matt - Congratulations on the beautiful success of your family! I'm excited for Mary's arrival...and as for the name choices....if you're taking votes, I really like Ruby :-) When I think of a ruby, I think of rare, beautiful, precious, inspiring, mysterious....I think it's a wonderful name. Thanks for sharing your family's progress here. Take care & stay well.

Suzanne Kroeker said...

Matt & Angel, I enjoyed catching up on your family this morning over my Sat. AM coffee. God is growing a beautiful family under the Pregont tent! Can't wait to meet Eva next week at Bible study. I love all of the names you're considering for "Mary", but I'm drawn to Ruby (as if my vote counts :). I was reading recently in a magazine a family's account of naming their children as they sought to "...let the Lord give us the name He has been calling them from the beginning of time." They quoted Is 49:1
Listen to me, you islands;
hear this, you distant nations:
Before I was born the LORD called me;
from my birth he has made mention of my name.