Friday, August 18, 2006

Mike & Mike on Brett Favre

I just wanted to vent about my irritation at Mike Greenberg of ESPN's Mike & Mike. Thursday he stated that Brett Favre was the Nolan Ryan of the NFL. Meaning, that his personality, passion and likeability factor is what makes him a legend, not that he is one of the best. Greenberg says that Nolan Ryan is not one of the top ten best pictures of all-time, maybe not even in the top 20 of all-time. I think he's wrong there too. Nolan is at least a top 15 best picture of all-time. Come on over 300 wins (by the way, I saw Nolan 300th game victory at Milwaukee County Stadium- best game I've ever been to).

Brett Favre is absolutely one of the top 10 quarterbacks of all time; maybe top 5 (I'm biased and would say he is a top 5). Yes, Favre is beloved and has a huge fan base like Nolan. Yes, Favre is tough and doesn't get hurt like Nolan. Both had great arms. That's where it stops.... Favre is number 2 all-time in wins, touchdowns and total passing yards. Not to mention in the top 10 in about every other QB stat (yes, maybe even interceptions). Then to top if off, Greenberg throughs in Joe Nameth, and he how is loved and how famous he was, but he wasn't one of the best at his position. True, Joe was inconsistent and died off into the sunset quickly. Not Favre....the man has played more consecutive games than any other QB, EVER. I get sooooo tired of Dan Marino being put above Favre. Dan never won a Super Bowl, Favre went to 2 and won 1. Oh, he won a Super Bowl faster than John Elway. It took John 3 tries, Brett 1. Brett 1, that sounds good- that's because it is true. He is and will always be in the debate as to whether he, Joe Montana, Fran, Terry, Unitus and Elway are the best.


jonw777 said...

I think Packeritis has your perspective a little blurred. Unitas, Tarkenton, Fouts, Bradshaw, etc. There are lots of great QBs to consider. Favre is #1 in toughness and playing through injuries, I'll give you that. The best pure passer? Probably Marino or dare I say PManning maybe? When the big game is on the line, I would likely choose Montana or Unitas. And I think Marino did make it to the SuperBowl in his rookie year.

Jeannie said...

Hi Matt, Jeannie Reid here. It's great to see your HUGE family and hear how you're doing. Aaron says a big HELLO and, of course, being Packer fans, we are cheering about your latest posts. I mean, who else in the NFL can even come close to his longevity, integrity, and leadership? I know he probably wouldn't win an award for consistent accuracy, but at least he goes for it, tries to make it happen.

Tomorrow, 8am, preseason game: will you be watching? Here's to the cheeseheads across the globe.

fetzer said...

I am sick and tired of Favre. He used to make others around him better but lately he just seems washed up and selfish. He should have retired or at the very least taken Rodgers under his wings last year. Instead he stunk up the joint and Rodgers has regressed due to lack of playing time. Jerome Bettis was in a similar situation last year. He was the team leader and very popular but he deferred to Willie Parker and actually taught him how to improve. Bettis was interested in winning while Brett is interested in Brett.