Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Vacation in North Myrtle Beach

Aren't the sisters beautiful!!!! They love the beach. They will stand at the edge of the water, take a few steps into water when the tide is going out to the ocean, and when the waves come in, they laugh all the way back to "dry land." And then they do it all over again.
I think Jacob and Clive have been in the ocean the entire trip. They love it, except getting the salty water in their mouths'.
This was the view the entire way to the beach, my brother-law's Extera. Granted I was usually a little further away as he decided to act like Jeff Gordon the whole way by doing 85+ mph (South Caroline is only 65mph on the interstate. (sorry Mark, hope Donna doesn't read this post).
This the view from our condo.

We are loving our North Myrtle Beach vacation. Last night we stayed up with the adults and played board games, and yes (Baptists close your eyes) we played a dice game called 5000. Well, I better keep this post short because I had to go to an Atlanta Bread Co. to get internet service. Angel and I will be playing tag team, she will be coming back to clean up her emails. These condos need to get into the Info Age.


Petak said...

Beautiful girls!! I think adoption may be the only way I'm going to have a daughter too! :)

we need to hook up bro. It's not looking good for the Pack this year. we need an offensive line!

let's do lunch soon.


Matt Pregont said...

Let's do it. Sushi sounds good to me.