Saturday, September 30, 2006

Survivor Saturday Summary

Well, the social experiment is all but over. They merged tribes from 4 to 2. The Aitu tribe, with Yul and Jonathan have a "white/asian" alliance. But not due to not wanting to include anyone else, they just are really trying to play the strategy game, while the others like Cowboy and the roller skating chick are just wanting to enjoy the experience- BORING!!! I can't make sense of why Ozzie didn't try to join Yul and Jonathan's alliance? Ozzie will regret that.

Voted off = Cecilia because of her physical weakness. I agreed, the best choice to go.

Biggest mistake of the day = Yul telling Becky about the Immunity Idol. What was he thinking!!

Best performance of the day = Raro tribes' dominance in the challenge. Aitu has a lot to fear with all the brute strength of Raro.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Raising Modern-Day Knights

Every Wednesday morning I join other fathers in learning how to Raise a Modern-Day Knight; taught by Robert Lewis. One of the most compelling lessons I've learned so far is from Proverbs 17:6 "Grandchildren are the crown of old men, and the glory of sons is their fathers." The word "glory" hear means weight, which directly impacts strength, stature and stability. So, the weight/strength/stature and stability of my 3 sons is what I poor into them. Wow, what a responsibility. I've always struggled with my skinny physical appearance, but this truth made me look inward at how "skinny and weightless" I was as an 11 year boy whose parents were splitting up; who only saw his dad every Tuesday night and every other weekend. I was a high schooler who was never taught how to treat a women, how to show self-control. I was not weighty. I soooo want my sons to be weighty, to be strong, and stable.

Last Saturday I had homework. I had to take Jacob on a date and have him size me up as a dad. I asked him 1) How am I doing, or where am I succeeding w/ you as a dad? 2) What do I do best as a dad? 3) Where do you think I sometimes fall short as a dad? 4) What is one thing you would change about me as a dad if you could?

1) Jacob said "your doing good, you protect us from doing things dangerous that might hurt us."
2) "You play with us, like football and Dragon and the Knight (I'm the dragon and I chase the boys around the house, when I catch one of them the others have to tackle me to free their brother)."
3) "I don't like you leaving in your car without me," and "you go to work too much."
4) He struggled to understand this question and just repeated that he wished I didn't have to go to work so much.

My desire is to be strategic with my sons about what it means to be a man, a real man. My sons may be physically skinny like me, but they will never be emotionally skinny. We have started to repeat the definition that Robert Lewis uses: a real man rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, leads courageously, and expects God's greater reward.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Canoe Video

This was the highlight event of the summer for the Pregont boys.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Eva's New Hair!!!

Eva's new hair du!! Doesn't she look beautiful? Our pastor's wife, Robin, did her hair yesterday. I've been waiting to have her hair done like this ever since we got her. I just love what we will be able to do with her hair. She walks around so proud of herself, she knows she is beautiful.

Survivor Saturday Summary

Cowboy is the second coming of Ruppert, just skinner. The bad wind was removed again!!!! Yesterday I saw a bunch of co-workers with red spots on their foreheads, they just said- "no more bad wind!" (OK, just kidding but I'm sure many people out there have tried it).

The Latino tribe was in a tuff dilemma. Noone could sleep with Billy snoring, Billy was lazy, Billy doesn't help with challenges- gee I guess this wasn't a hard decision after all. I have had roommates who snored sooo loud I couldn't sleep for nights. You go crazy. I was glad to see the cop chick voted off Billy too. I guess it was the surprise love affair with Candace from the Caucasian tribe. Jeff's response to that was classic, he about wet his paints. I think we all did!!

So Billy is gone, but I think Ozzie just sealed his fate. Billy may have gone nuts if he'd stayed on any longer.

Yul ROCKS!!! Everyone listen to me, if you are going to ever be on Survivor, do NOT send the strongest person to Exile Island because he/she will find the immunity idol. You may do it toward the end because the idol will most likely have been found, but soooo early- Billy was smart to send Yul to get back at the tribe for throwing the challenge. See Survivor Live to see Billy admit he chose Yul so he could find the idol. Maybe Billy isn't so nuts after all.
Until next week....

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Survivor's "Social Experiment"

This past Thursday night was the season opener for Survivor Cook Islands. Angel and I's one vice on TV is must see Thursdays; except it is CBS not NBC (Survivor and CSI). We are excited to see what we and America will learn with racially divided tribes.

The Asian tribe is concerned that this might strengthen Asian stereotypes, yet also excited to removed some stereotypes. I think all the tribes will at some point do both. The banter is already on the web about how pro-white it is because the African American tribe was the first to lose, and how the African American tribe voted off a white guy. What I hope we see from all of this is that personality, actions, attitude, aptitude are reasons why people team up and vote for people. I actually thought that Jonathan (white guy who is on exile island) should have been the one to go because he stole a chicken, then acted like "oh, I didn't know...dah". He knew he was wrong and had a chance to make it right before the challenge, but chose to act innocent and "oh shucks did I do that." Actions, not race got him to exile island.

For those of you who know our family, don't think that we are against the Latino/Hispanic tribe just because that is the only race not represented in our family.

Who loved the "bad wind" healing? That was awesome!!! Today, my Chiroprator was doing something like Cowboy did, and I just started laughing. It is too bad that Dr. Skye doesn't watch Survivor; it would have freaked me out if he all of sudden said, "Matt, you have bad wind (not to be confused with bad gas) in your sinuses, here I will get it out." Let me tell you, my sinuses feel great since the bad wind was released.

Keep tuned into the blog on Saturday's as I write thoughts on Survivor's social experiment; called Survivor Saturday Summary.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Daddy Hair Du's

Here are my beautiful girls, thanks to my hair du skills.

Angel went to a women's event today at church, and I'm with all 5!! Who said a white man can't pick hair, granted I didn't braid or press Eva's hair. No, I'm not trying to put Isabel's hair in a pig tails because they will be so uneven you may get dizzy lookn' at 'em. (Hold on, my arm has a cramp in it from giving myself a pat on the back.)

Better now, as I was saying....I'm alone with the clan. Thinking about going to the zoo today to bond with my children (aka- waste time). No, just kidding, I actually enjoy going to the zoo with just me and the kids. 3 of 'em don't get out of the stroller, while Jacob and Clive do a good job of staying close (see, Angel's family- the kids can behave).

Quick story of Hudson and then you can go on to other blogs. (just had to get Hudson and Isabel out of the bathroom because they were getting water all over the place) So, back to Hud. Hudson went to a speech pathologist this week, and here is the funny dialog:

Speech Pathologist: "What would you do if a stranger tried to get you into his car?"

Hudson: "I will kill him (actually is was more like 'I would till him')."

Speech Pathologist: "You would kill him?"

Hudson: "Yes, I would till him" (all the time with a straight face)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lessons from a Crocodile Hunter

There is a wonderful article about the lessons in life that Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, taught us. Please go to Brian Petak's blog and read this great article!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

East Nashville, the Pregonts are Coming

Above is a picture of the house we are buying in East Nashville. 315 Hancock Dr, and it is in the McFerrin Park area.

Below you are looking at the kitchen, with the pantry to the left, and what will be the boys room through the door on the right.

Below is a picture of the living room.

As you can tell the house needs some work. We are getting a good deal, so we will be able to afford to fix up the house. The first two things we will do is raise the ceiling because in the 70s many homes in that neighborhood lowered their ceilings to save energy, and we will be redoing all the hardwoods that are in the living room and all the bedrooms (oh yes, the paneling has gotta go!). We are going to start with the downstairs, and will continue to rent out the 2 upstairs apartments. We don't want to keep the 2 apartments too long or my mother and my mother-in-law may think they are welcome to them. Wouldn't that be a sight- Linda and Peggy under the same roof. The flea markets and the nearest Wal-Mart will love them. Just kidding.....

The house is just over 2800 sq ft, with 3 bedrooms downstairs and we will be able to make about 3 rooms and a rec room upstairs when we get to that. We are about 3 blocks away from our friends Thom and Michelle Hazlip. Thom will be my Project Manager for the rehab for those who know me and know that I'm not the most skilled craftsman.

We are excited and scared at the same time. Excited to get involved, get dirty, get to really know a neighborhood that needs light and hope and I believe can teach me many things. Excited not be pinned down to a mortgage. Scared that this house may be a money pit, that my kids or wife won't like city living, and of that some crack house may start-up next door. Linda and Peggy, don't worry there is only one active crack house in the area and 2 guys I know are actively trying to get it shut down. I'll keep you posted on when we start the fixn up.

I've Been Tagged

Brian Petak tagged me with a reading list blog-tag.

One book that changed your life: Chuck Colson and Daniel Van Ness's Convicted. This book shaped my focus in college and my early professional career into the arena of Restorative Justice. The term Restorative Justice was introduced to me in this great book; simply put it means to restore the shalom (peace) that was broken by the crime. I learned that our current criminal justice system is soley focused on the crime being against the state and not the victim. Whereas the biblical approach to justice is that the crime is against the victim and thus the offender should restore or provide restitution to the victim.

One book that you've read more than once: Waking the Dead by John Eldredge. Waking the Dead is jammed packed with truths about our heart and how our heart, when it is alive and living, brings glory to God. In the book you are shown why mythical stories are so compelling to us. Mythical stories are really a mirror to our soul and a mirror to the heart of God.

One book that you'd want on a deserted island: I would take my NASV bible because alone on an island, I would need all the truths of scripture to prevent me from going crazy. I prefer my NASV over my new ESV because the NASV bible I have also has a Greek/Hebrew dictionary and concordance.

One book that made you laugh: I'm going to cop out here and say any of the prairie Home Companion books and audibooks. Kellor just flat out makes me laugh with his stories. I think its because I grew up in neighboring Wisconsin and grew up with a bunch of Lutherans.

One book that made you cry: C.S. Lewis's book A Grief Observed. I've read this book through 2 times. It is his personal journal after his wife dies of cancer. This book was very helpful while I worked at MADD as a Victim Advocate. I learned a little of what goes on in the heart of someone who is grieving, and what not to say. If you are grieving anything, it is the book to read.

One book that you wish had been written: What to do when a Catholic is Born Again; how to be a Christian and not Hate the Catholic Church. When I became a Christian I was a Catholic, and when I left the Catholic Church I grew to hate it because of what pastors would say about it, and because the catholic church I went to never encouraged any of its members to read the bible. I was never told that my sin was separating me from God. At 10 years old, I got angry out of ignorance to the church. On the flip side, many of my Catholic family treated my mother and siblings as "traitors" to the church. I wish there would have been a book written back in 1983 about how to walk through this transitional period as Christ would have. This would have spared me many arguments with my step dad when I was a "know it all" college student. I have since asked forgiveness from my step dad for all the stupid and embarrassing things I would say about the Catholic Church.

One book you wish had never been written: I would have to agree with Brian Petak, The Da Vinci Code. Mainly because it has discouraged so many "seekers" that the church is this archaic and clandestine group of males that seeks to minimize women. Also, the book exposed believers to how poorly equipped we are to defend the history of the bible and of who Christ is.

One book you are currently reading: Commentary of Galatians by Marin Luther. I've enjoyed the focus of Luther's keeping anything "extra" out of salvation. As Lloyd Shadrach says about this, "it is faith in Christ + nothing = Salvation." Meaning, that good works, obeying the law, going to church, etc does not bring you salvation. Only faith in Christ, only.

One book you've been meaning to read: Once again, I am agreeing with Brian. Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. My good friends Tyler and Lindsey Clements (who frequent this blog, so Hi) named their son after Brennan Manning. If they respect and appreciate what he's written, then I need to read it. Also, Manning was very influential in the life a pastor that I grew up with, and I respect him and the Clements and want to understand Manning's influence in 2 close friends.