Saturday, September 09, 2006

Daddy Hair Du's

Here are my beautiful girls, thanks to my hair du skills.

Angel went to a women's event today at church, and I'm with all 5!! Who said a white man can't pick hair, granted I didn't braid or press Eva's hair. No, I'm not trying to put Isabel's hair in a pig tails because they will be so uneven you may get dizzy lookn' at 'em. (Hold on, my arm has a cramp in it from giving myself a pat on the back.)

Better now, as I was saying....I'm alone with the clan. Thinking about going to the zoo today to bond with my children (aka- waste time). No, just kidding, I actually enjoy going to the zoo with just me and the kids. 3 of 'em don't get out of the stroller, while Jacob and Clive do a good job of staying close (see, Angel's family- the kids can behave).

Quick story of Hudson and then you can go on to other blogs. (just had to get Hudson and Isabel out of the bathroom because they were getting water all over the place) So, back to Hud. Hudson went to a speech pathologist this week, and here is the funny dialog:

Speech Pathologist: "What would you do if a stranger tried to get you into his car?"

Hudson: "I will kill him (actually is was more like 'I would till him')."

Speech Pathologist: "You would kill him?"

Hudson: "Yes, I would till him" (all the time with a straight face)

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