Monday, September 04, 2006

East Nashville, the Pregonts are Coming

Above is a picture of the house we are buying in East Nashville. 315 Hancock Dr, and it is in the McFerrin Park area.

Below you are looking at the kitchen, with the pantry to the left, and what will be the boys room through the door on the right.

Below is a picture of the living room.

As you can tell the house needs some work. We are getting a good deal, so we will be able to afford to fix up the house. The first two things we will do is raise the ceiling because in the 70s many homes in that neighborhood lowered their ceilings to save energy, and we will be redoing all the hardwoods that are in the living room and all the bedrooms (oh yes, the paneling has gotta go!). We are going to start with the downstairs, and will continue to rent out the 2 upstairs apartments. We don't want to keep the 2 apartments too long or my mother and my mother-in-law may think they are welcome to them. Wouldn't that be a sight- Linda and Peggy under the same roof. The flea markets and the nearest Wal-Mart will love them. Just kidding.....

The house is just over 2800 sq ft, with 3 bedrooms downstairs and we will be able to make about 3 rooms and a rec room upstairs when we get to that. We are about 3 blocks away from our friends Thom and Michelle Hazlip. Thom will be my Project Manager for the rehab for those who know me and know that I'm not the most skilled craftsman.

We are excited and scared at the same time. Excited to get involved, get dirty, get to really know a neighborhood that needs light and hope and I believe can teach me many things. Excited not be pinned down to a mortgage. Scared that this house may be a money pit, that my kids or wife won't like city living, and of that some crack house may start-up next door. Linda and Peggy, don't worry there is only one active crack house in the area and 2 guys I know are actively trying to get it shut down. I'll keep you posted on when we start the fixn up.


Petak said...

Let me know when you need some hands to move. :)


Samuel said...

Awesome!!! Congrats.