Monday, September 04, 2006

I've Been Tagged

Brian Petak tagged me with a reading list blog-tag.

One book that changed your life: Chuck Colson and Daniel Van Ness's Convicted. This book shaped my focus in college and my early professional career into the arena of Restorative Justice. The term Restorative Justice was introduced to me in this great book; simply put it means to restore the shalom (peace) that was broken by the crime. I learned that our current criminal justice system is soley focused on the crime being against the state and not the victim. Whereas the biblical approach to justice is that the crime is against the victim and thus the offender should restore or provide restitution to the victim.

One book that you've read more than once: Waking the Dead by John Eldredge. Waking the Dead is jammed packed with truths about our heart and how our heart, when it is alive and living, brings glory to God. In the book you are shown why mythical stories are so compelling to us. Mythical stories are really a mirror to our soul and a mirror to the heart of God.

One book that you'd want on a deserted island: I would take my NASV bible because alone on an island, I would need all the truths of scripture to prevent me from going crazy. I prefer my NASV over my new ESV because the NASV bible I have also has a Greek/Hebrew dictionary and concordance.

One book that made you laugh: I'm going to cop out here and say any of the prairie Home Companion books and audibooks. Kellor just flat out makes me laugh with his stories. I think its because I grew up in neighboring Wisconsin and grew up with a bunch of Lutherans.

One book that made you cry: C.S. Lewis's book A Grief Observed. I've read this book through 2 times. It is his personal journal after his wife dies of cancer. This book was very helpful while I worked at MADD as a Victim Advocate. I learned a little of what goes on in the heart of someone who is grieving, and what not to say. If you are grieving anything, it is the book to read.

One book that you wish had been written: What to do when a Catholic is Born Again; how to be a Christian and not Hate the Catholic Church. When I became a Christian I was a Catholic, and when I left the Catholic Church I grew to hate it because of what pastors would say about it, and because the catholic church I went to never encouraged any of its members to read the bible. I was never told that my sin was separating me from God. At 10 years old, I got angry out of ignorance to the church. On the flip side, many of my Catholic family treated my mother and siblings as "traitors" to the church. I wish there would have been a book written back in 1983 about how to walk through this transitional period as Christ would have. This would have spared me many arguments with my step dad when I was a "know it all" college student. I have since asked forgiveness from my step dad for all the stupid and embarrassing things I would say about the Catholic Church.

One book you wish had never been written: I would have to agree with Brian Petak, The Da Vinci Code. Mainly because it has discouraged so many "seekers" that the church is this archaic and clandestine group of males that seeks to minimize women. Also, the book exposed believers to how poorly equipped we are to defend the history of the bible and of who Christ is.

One book you are currently reading: Commentary of Galatians by Marin Luther. I've enjoyed the focus of Luther's keeping anything "extra" out of salvation. As Lloyd Shadrach says about this, "it is faith in Christ + nothing = Salvation." Meaning, that good works, obeying the law, going to church, etc does not bring you salvation. Only faith in Christ, only.

One book you've been meaning to read: Once again, I am agreeing with Brian. Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. My good friends Tyler and Lindsey Clements (who frequent this blog, so Hi) named their son after Brennan Manning. If they respect and appreciate what he's written, then I need to read it. Also, Manning was very influential in the life a pastor that I grew up with, and I respect him and the Clements and want to understand Manning's influence in 2 close friends.

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