Friday, September 29, 2006

Raising Modern-Day Knights

Every Wednesday morning I join other fathers in learning how to Raise a Modern-Day Knight; taught by Robert Lewis. One of the most compelling lessons I've learned so far is from Proverbs 17:6 "Grandchildren are the crown of old men, and the glory of sons is their fathers." The word "glory" hear means weight, which directly impacts strength, stature and stability. So, the weight/strength/stature and stability of my 3 sons is what I poor into them. Wow, what a responsibility. I've always struggled with my skinny physical appearance, but this truth made me look inward at how "skinny and weightless" I was as an 11 year boy whose parents were splitting up; who only saw his dad every Tuesday night and every other weekend. I was a high schooler who was never taught how to treat a women, how to show self-control. I was not weighty. I soooo want my sons to be weighty, to be strong, and stable.

Last Saturday I had homework. I had to take Jacob on a date and have him size me up as a dad. I asked him 1) How am I doing, or where am I succeeding w/ you as a dad? 2) What do I do best as a dad? 3) Where do you think I sometimes fall short as a dad? 4) What is one thing you would change about me as a dad if you could?

1) Jacob said "your doing good, you protect us from doing things dangerous that might hurt us."
2) "You play with us, like football and Dragon and the Knight (I'm the dragon and I chase the boys around the house, when I catch one of them the others have to tackle me to free their brother)."
3) "I don't like you leaving in your car without me," and "you go to work too much."
4) He struggled to understand this question and just repeated that he wished I didn't have to go to work so much.

My desire is to be strategic with my sons about what it means to be a man, a real man. My sons may be physically skinny like me, but they will never be emotionally skinny. We have started to repeat the definition that Robert Lewis uses: a real man rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, leads courageously, and expects God's greater reward.


cj good said...

Matt you are a greater Man than you know

Samuel said...

Good thoughts. I bet it was scary to ask Jacob those questions! I'm curious what SPR2 would say, if he could comprehend the questions.

He did tell me the other day that when he grows up, he wants to be a daddy. So, I guess that's a good thing. :-)

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