Saturday, September 23, 2006

Survivor Saturday Summary

Cowboy is the second coming of Ruppert, just skinner. The bad wind was removed again!!!! Yesterday I saw a bunch of co-workers with red spots on their foreheads, they just said- "no more bad wind!" (OK, just kidding but I'm sure many people out there have tried it).

The Latino tribe was in a tuff dilemma. Noone could sleep with Billy snoring, Billy was lazy, Billy doesn't help with challenges- gee I guess this wasn't a hard decision after all. I have had roommates who snored sooo loud I couldn't sleep for nights. You go crazy. I was glad to see the cop chick voted off Billy too. I guess it was the surprise love affair with Candace from the Caucasian tribe. Jeff's response to that was classic, he about wet his paints. I think we all did!!

So Billy is gone, but I think Ozzie just sealed his fate. Billy may have gone nuts if he'd stayed on any longer.

Yul ROCKS!!! Everyone listen to me, if you are going to ever be on Survivor, do NOT send the strongest person to Exile Island because he/she will find the immunity idol. You may do it toward the end because the idol will most likely have been found, but soooo early- Billy was smart to send Yul to get back at the tribe for throwing the challenge. See Survivor Live to see Billy admit he chose Yul so he could find the idol. Maybe Billy isn't so nuts after all.
Until next week....

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