Saturday, September 30, 2006

Survivor Saturday Summary

Well, the social experiment is all but over. They merged tribes from 4 to 2. The Aitu tribe, with Yul and Jonathan have a "white/asian" alliance. But not due to not wanting to include anyone else, they just are really trying to play the strategy game, while the others like Cowboy and the roller skating chick are just wanting to enjoy the experience- BORING!!! I can't make sense of why Ozzie didn't try to join Yul and Jonathan's alliance? Ozzie will regret that.

Voted off = Cecilia because of her physical weakness. I agreed, the best choice to go.

Biggest mistake of the day = Yul telling Becky about the Immunity Idol. What was he thinking!!

Best performance of the day = Raro tribes' dominance in the challenge. Aitu has a lot to fear with all the brute strength of Raro.

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