Saturday, September 16, 2006

Survivor's "Social Experiment"

This past Thursday night was the season opener for Survivor Cook Islands. Angel and I's one vice on TV is must see Thursdays; except it is CBS not NBC (Survivor and CSI). We are excited to see what we and America will learn with racially divided tribes.

The Asian tribe is concerned that this might strengthen Asian stereotypes, yet also excited to removed some stereotypes. I think all the tribes will at some point do both. The banter is already on the web about how pro-white it is because the African American tribe was the first to lose, and how the African American tribe voted off a white guy. What I hope we see from all of this is that personality, actions, attitude, aptitude are reasons why people team up and vote for people. I actually thought that Jonathan (white guy who is on exile island) should have been the one to go because he stole a chicken, then acted like "oh, I didn't know...dah". He knew he was wrong and had a chance to make it right before the challenge, but chose to act innocent and "oh shucks did I do that." Actions, not race got him to exile island.

For those of you who know our family, don't think that we are against the Latino/Hispanic tribe just because that is the only race not represented in our family.

Who loved the "bad wind" healing? That was awesome!!! Today, my Chiroprator was doing something like Cowboy did, and I just started laughing. It is too bad that Dr. Skye doesn't watch Survivor; it would have freaked me out if he all of sudden said, "Matt, you have bad wind (not to be confused with bad gas) in your sinuses, here I will get it out." Let me tell you, my sinuses feel great since the bad wind was released.

Keep tuned into the blog on Saturday's as I write thoughts on Survivor's social experiment; called Survivor Saturday Summary.

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