Friday, October 19, 2007

Going to Get Nia

I'm sure by now no one in the world is looking at this blog. It has been over a year since I've posted. We will begin to use this Blog to update everyone on our trip to Liberia. We are going to Liberia Oct 30th!!!!! We getting our daughter that we have been fighting to get for over a year and a half. This is our Nia (her name means Purpose).


Jon said...

I had pretty much given up on your blogging, but just checked it for the first time in months.
Cute girl. Cute name.
What else is new with your family?

Missy said...

Angel and Matt,
Nia is so incredibly beautiful. I can't wait to see pictures of you all together and hear about your amazing trip. Angel, I think you are going to love Liberia and I'm so happy you are going this time.
Have a safe trip. My prayers go with you. Love, Missy

Brandi said...

How precious is she! Praise Jesus that you are finally bringing her home. We are celebrating with you and can't wait to hear about your trip!


Starla said...

Matt and Angel,

So happy to hear that you are leaving to bring your beautiful Nia home. Only sorry that you will miss the Jiangxi reunion, since we finally get to be there this year.

MinMin has been home 5 days now, is smiling a lot and gets along well with the two little ones. She has come a long way in 2 weeks, has so much to learn....

Starla said...

we cant wait to meet you Nia!!!
Emily Jo thinks you are beautiful, so do we!
We are praying that the Lord Bless the Hiways and Airways of you trip with your Mom and dad!
We cant wait to meet you!