Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An Hour From Take Off!!!

We are sitting waiting for our flight to leave Chicago. We are excited and Angel is trying not to think about being claustrophobic for the long flight.

My lovely bride made things fun during check-in. She decided to ask the check-in lady if her carry on luggage "is my carry on too big?" Mind you, we knew this piece of luggage was too big to begin with but thought we would try to get it through.

So, the lady goes over to the tiny tiny luggage template and says it is too large.

No ladies, I didn't show self-control and promptly said "why did you ask that, we knew it was too large!!" They were going to charge us $110 to check that bag. Fortunately my lovely bride packed a smaller suite case inside a larger one (why she did this I have no idea). We quickly re-arranged our luggage and off we went to the metal detectors.

There we both lost our drinks. Come on- H2O will never explode anything. Angel hasn't flown as much since the travel regulations got strict and was very put out to lose her water, forcing her to pay $2 at the aiport for another.


Dian said...

Sweet Angel--reminding you and Matt that we are praying! Hope the plane trip was uneventful and fast! Hope the jet-lag is at bay. Our hearts here are eager and anxious for tomorrow, for the meeting and homecoming preparations of this precious one God has appointed for the Pregont fam! Peace and grace, dear ones!

Missy said...

Angel, Did SN Brussels hook you up to help with that claustrophobia :o)?
You all should be there by now. I hope your trip was uneventful and you'll see your sweet girl soon. We'll keep you in our prayers. Missy H. (aoh mamma)