Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We are here!!!

We are here in Liberia!!!

Poor Angel looked like a wounded dog most of the trip. She was pretty motion sick the entire time in the air. Angel had more fun at the metal detector area in Brussels. She forgot to take her ear rings, belt and watch off, so the alarms went off. She played so innocent I had to laugh. Apparently it is a new rule that when you set the detector off they also search your bags. Well our little traveler had more than the allowed zip lock bags. Fortunately this lady liked Angel and let her go.

We met two dads from Cleveland who are each bringing home 4 kids!!!! Yes, there are people with more kids than us. I believe this makes 10 kids for each of the dads. I had to separate Angel from these two guys so she wouldn't get any ideas about more kids :-)

Monrovia's airport was chaos as normal. Again I had 5 men trying to carry my luggage to the car.

Angel is in bed and now I'm going to join her, it is 9:30pm Wed night here. We are tired, but I think a good night's rest and we will hit the town tomorrow. We called our agency today and they said no embassy visit tomorrow, but on Friday to process the visa. Let's see if this really happens. I so want to believe this will happen. We will go and see Nia tomorrow or Friday, not sure if we can wait til Friday to see her. The bad part is that the orphanage is about 1.5 hours away.

I'm missing Eva especially right now because I'm at the house where I first met her. Where I spent 10 days getting to know my little girl.


Mike said...

Glad to see the both of you made it safely. Jacob, Clive and Izzy are doing fantastic. Polite, eatting well and cleaning up for grandma. Grandma says stay in Africa for another 2 weeks. I hope you are laughing as much as I am. Seriously, everything is going great and we are praying that three people board the plan for home next week. Mike

Tama said...

We are praying for your trip. The battle belongs to the Lord. Angel, the Borcherts are bringing the kids home! God is in control! Go forth and know we are holding your arms up for the victory!!!

Jeff said...

We're praying for you! Also very excited! Talked to Gmama yesterday, Hudson was playing at the table.

Jeff & Brenda