Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Birth Mother

We are sitting here waiting for the birth mother to come by. This is our first real experience with Liberian time; namely they have no urgency around time. The birth mother will come when she arrives, not at a certian time. Our agency has taken the iniative to set this up. This is not something we necessarily wanted, but we will make most of this opportunity.

The cynic in me is just waiting for a request for money, but I have hope that this is just a mother who needs reassurance of her daughter's welfare. We'll keep you updated.

The next two days we are in search of a drum.


Sara said...

Hey, how do we welcome you home if you're not coming in at the airport??

And does precious Nia know what she's getting into in the way of multiple siblings? And also, where does she fall into the birthorder?

So many questions!

Katie C. said...

Keeping my fingers crossed (and my toes)!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We're praying for you! How exciting! We can't wait to meet sweet Nia. She is adorable! alisha