Sunday, November 04, 2007

Church and the Beach

Angel here. This morning we went to church here in Monrovia. Church started with a choir singing on the front porch and entering behind us singing acapella, all the way to the front of the church. Their singing was absolutely beautiful. Wish I could hear it every week. Last Thursday was Thanksgiving in Liberia, so the focus of the service was on being thankful. The pastor began by saying that today in Monrovia we can be thankful that our head has not been separated from our shoulders. (Liberia was in a 14-yr civil war that "ended" a few years ago). I thought, now there's something we don't think to be thankful for in America.

Late this afternoon the Sheppards took us to the beach. Most of it was populated with UN people and crew from Mercy Ship. There's something about seeing the crashing waves of the ocean that puts you in your place and makes your problems seem not so big at that moment. There is such a stark contrast between this beach/ocean and the trash-laden sidewalks in town. I don't understand it, but Liberia is really beautiful in terms of palm trees, beaches, natural resources, etc. But the city itself leaves much to be desired. Lots of trash on the streets. In fact, another irony to me is seeing women dressed to the hilt in their traditional African "suits" and high heels walking through trash in town. The Liberian culture dresses up whenever they leave their house (men, women, and children). They are a beautiful people.

Tuesday we go to our Visa appointment, please pray that all goes well.


Tama said...

We are praying! Did you drop our packages off to AOH yet! Inquiring (anxious) moms wnat to know?
We are so excited for you!

Brandi said...

We are praying!! I love reading your blog. Wish we were there!