Sunday, November 04, 2007


MAn oh man i cant tell you haow many timesw this blonde headed friend of yours has tried "blogging" to you.... i feel like i am finally hugging you somehow!!!

wait a minute, while i dry my eyes, and blow my nose   ok then... we will gladly be the recipients of ANY letter titled to "any mom and dad"!!!!   maybe we can just buy that big ole church on meridian st and start our own fee free adoption mission!!! 

angel.  i cant even imagine the holy spirit collision you and nia had!!!!  praise the LORD for arms to hug.  noses to smell their stinky little bodies.  ears to hear them cry, and laugh.  and the holy spirit to share!!!!

matt.  keep on bloggin.  it sure makes this an awesome, as close as we can get to sharing, experience.

see you in a week!

God Speed~

Emil and/or Jo Justian

Triple Cross Ministries, Inc.


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