Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gatcha Day - Kinda

When Nia saw Angel today she ran with full force, nearly knocking Angel down when she jumped into her arms. She wrapped her arms and legs around Angel so tight like a child clings to you in a swimming pool for dear life.

Nia held our hand and gave us the royal tour of the orphanage. I felt like Cliff Claven from Cheers because everyone gave me letters to take back to the US. Some letters were addressed to specific families, many were addressed to "any mom and dad." Many many children asked us to find families for them.

I will post some pictures soon, electric is soon going down for 3 hours.

Embassy was closed today, so looks like Tuesday we will be going. Today is Thanksgiving Day.

As we drove away, our last glimps was of her waving good-bye wearing my Boston Redsox hat. Chris Martin, if you're reading, I need to have OPT send me another one :-)


Jada said...

aww. You done gone make me cry. :)

That sounds so awesome.

Tama said...

YEEEEEAAAAAA!!! That is sooooo awsome! We will continue to lift you up!

Missy said...

So great to see you holding her Angel. She is so beautiful. Missy

julie said...

I am glad you are there now! How wonderful for all of you. I am sorry about the message on your post there, I thought it was your email.

Anonymous said...

You made me cry!!! How great!!!! I love to cry over adoptions!! YEA!!! Love ,Denise

Donna Barber said...

Congratulations!!! I am so elated for you!! And I loved the picture and story.

Tanya said...

Praise the Lord! What a great picture! Tanya

Sara said...

You guys are slaying us!!! We're just sitting around the computer... laughing, and crying. Happy tears... for you all, for Nia. Very sad tears for the faces looking on with expressions that betray the fierce longing in their hearts.

As I read, crying, Grace pressed into my body about as hard as a child could, and said she bets the children that were left behind in her orphanage were jealous it wasn't them getting a family. Sadly, she's probably right.

Gosh, you two are experiencing some of those perspective altering days that can influence an entire lifetime. As I said, you are slaying us!

Life is good! And you are living it well.


Matt Pregont said...

Sara- Grace is absolutely right. I could see the kids wanted it to be them who was hugging us, who is getting a mommy and daddy.

Nia is a giver. We were in a little house with her and the children were all outside. We, I mean Angel, gave her a totsie roll pop and she ate half of it and quickly left the house to give the rest to a friend. I already love her heart!!! What really pissed me off was that we gave we gave her a ban dana and some women who works there ask Nia to give it to her so before I knew what she was doing she threw it to the woman. I wanted to yell and scream "you damn bully give my daughter back her ban dana" Sorry, don't let Grace read the curse word.

Sara said...

Matt, you are cracking me up!! And I DO understand. It's like we instinctively know we can't take care of the whole world, so our fierce parental instincts kick in on the ones we know are ours! Papa Bear!

Wendy Robertson called today. For some reason, she's able to read your posts, but is unable to write back. She asked if I'd just let you know how incredible, inspirational, awesome the faith of your family is, and to tell you that they were moved to tears and also are praying for you all, along with the rest of us. Ah, the beauty of technology!! If your computer doesn't work, use a cell phone to call a friend who does have a working computer!!!

Love from the Robertsons and Olsons,

PS UPDATE TODAY ALREADY!!! We're all holding our collective breaths, and it's getting uncomfortable!!!

alice said...

Angel, I'm so excited for you. When does she finally get to walk away?