Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hard Day for Nia

Angel here. This morning has been so crazy. Nothing in particular, just seems like everybody is running around like chickens with heads cut off.

Someone came to re-braid Nia's hair because most of her African braids had fallen out. I noticed that tears were running down her face while she sat there. No crying, just tears. Then, of course, my eyes welled up, too. I just got down on eye level and held her. Told her it's okay to be sad, to miss her friends, to miss her familiar food. She never said anything to me and didn't return the hug, but that's okay. I knew eventually emotion would have to come out somehow. I'm sure there's enough tears stored up in her heart to fill a tank. Hopefully, as she learns to trust us and gets more comfortable having a family she will open up gradually. I ended up calling a friend who adopted a teenager 2 years ago from Nia's orphanage. I asked the teen to talk to Nia and reassure that everything will be okay, it just takes time. The phone call seemed to help for now.

Please whisper a prayer for her today, and for me to know how to love her well during this HUGE life transition for her.


Tama said...

We are praying. I wonder how many of those moments I will be having myself! Keep blogging to give us wisdom!

Deana said...

Wow Angel, thank you so much for sharing. You are in my prayers, I cannot imagine the emotion. But how beautiful, I love reading your blog and "experiencing" this journey with you.

I'm working on some new healthier Whoopie Pie recipes and once I get some perfected I'd love to bring your family some.

Missy said...

This must tear your heart out. I'll be praying for her and you guys. Missy

Doug & Lily Bradley said...

Congratulations that you are all home and happy- this is the first time I have gotten a chance to read your blog since you came home. I am glad to hear that everything worked out well and you are all home safe. I pray that Nia continues to settle in; tears can be good, she is letting down her walls enough to cry.

jaz said...

I just prayed for Nia. It sounds like you are doing a great job of being there for her while giving her the time she needs to grieve and transition. Bless you.
Jamie Z.

julie said...

I was going to say what Jamie said so....same thing! :0) I love to hear when families adopt the older children. I will be praying for her. Sounds like she has a great mama!

Anonymous said...

Angel, I can so relate to watching your daughter grieve and feeling helpless to heal all the hurt. Praying for you all!

Love, Jenny G

Starla said...

The grieving is so hard, both for the child and the mama. Though it is hard for us to watch, it is so good for them to get it out. MinMin grieved hard, but is blossoming now. The hard days were worth it....Praying for you....