Sunday, November 11, 2007


Friends, Angel here. We are finally at home in Nashville, TN after traveling approximately 40 hours since Friday. We came home to Welcome signs, a cleaned house, and yummy food! Thanks to our friends who gave themselves away to us. We feel so blessed to have you.

Nia got her hair braided with extensions on Friday. It's the equivalent of an American girl getting her first pair of earrings. Such a long-awaited for event for her. After 5 hours of sitting for her braids to get done, she finally emerged a beaming little girl.

A few things about Nia.... She's still not talking, only to answer Yes or No. I'm sure she's more than overwhelmed. Still, I'd like to hear what her voice sounds like! She really doesn't need to ask many questions since Isabel (3yrs) has given her the low-down on being part of the Pregont family and living in America.

She endured many Firsts on the way home....escalators, automatic faucets in airport bathrooms, toilets, flushing, airplanes, spaghetti, pizza, chocolate cake (which did not go over well), magna-doodle, play-dough, and on and on and on. She approaches all new foods with much caution and trepidation. Sweets are not high on the list, which thoroughly confuses me, having been quite the conisseur for years myself. Apparently, it only takes a mouse-sized bite to gain her approval or be rejected forever. Favorites so far include chicken, rice (of course), potatoes, chicken nuggets, french fries, apple juice, hot dogs, and any/all forms of bread. Rejects include muffins, chocolate cake, milk, veggies, fruit, corn, salad, spaghetti.

I forgot to mention this story on her first night with us....We were laying in bed and she was playing with a pink teddy bear that Isabel had sent her. The bear had a bandana around its neck, which Nia promptly untied and made into a Dew-Rag (sp?) for the bear's head.

Another funny....I told the boys that they needed to talk slower to make sure Nia understood them. So, when Clive wanted to show her where Aunt Stacey kept the toys he said, "Nia.......... Come..........Here.........." He cracks me up!

Anyways, she is sleeping soundly in her new bed. We are trying to keep her from freezing to death since she's not used to the colder weather.

If you're still ready our blog at this point, you are to be commended. We will probably put a few more posts on, as well as some pics.


Tama said...

So glad you are home! I'm sure it is such a relief and a little surreal after waiting sooooo long. Sleep tight knowing Gods precious gift if finally home. Talk to you soon.
In Him, Tama

Lindsay said...

I'm still reading, and loving every minute of it. I wish we could have been there to greet you this evening. We're loving you ALL from Kansas tonight. Congratulations!
Lindsay Clements

kim said...

I am happy for you Angel and Matt. I will be praying for you all as you make this transition.
Kim Blair

Peter & Becky Bowersox said...

Welcome home!!!

The Bowersox Family

Beth Wilmot said...

So glad to hear you made it safely home! I have loved following your journey on your blog. God's blessings to you as your family makes this transition!

Deana said...

Welcome home! You don't hear from me often but I do read your blog! Please keep writing and sharing. My heartstrings have always been tugged at by the thought of adoption. Maybe one day. But for now I pray for those who actually doing it! So exciting! Oh and I'd love to see a photo of the entire Pregont crew with their new sister!