Thursday, November 08, 2007


(angel here)

Friends, Before I tell you about Jackson I'll answer some questions that have been posed.

We are going to make Nia's 8th birthday fall in the month of November. Her birth cert says she is 11yrs, but she is the size of a 7-8yr old. There's no need to put unnecessary pressure on her to feel like she has to perform at an age a few years older. She will end up being 2 months younger than our oldest son, Jacob, who turned 8 in September. I asked her the other day how old she is, and she answered, "8." So it won't be a big deal to her.

Also, we fly into Chicago on Saturday, and then drive 10 hours home on Sunday. I expect us to arrive between 6-7pm. My mom will have Eva and Hudson there at our house on Sunday afternoon.

Now, back to Jackson. Jackson is a Liberian man who reminds me of Joseph (coat of many colors). God has put him in circumstances that have lifted him out of the desperation of most Liberians. At a young age he was hired by a Swiss family to escort their child to school and play with him. He was then referred to other families and eventually ended up being placed in the same school as the Swiss and other families who were in Liberia working for a foreign company. This alone, is a miracle. During one of the Liberian wars, he took 125 children across the border into the Ivory Coast because they were in his care for a soccer game that day. He has managed to reunite all but 10 with their families. He now does ministry in the bush with children, teaching them the bible. One of the ways he teaches them is through childrens' DVDs of bible stories. He is in need of a new DVD laptop and would love to receive more DVDs. We have asked the missionaries here about him, and they say that he would be a good Liberian to support in terms of ministry. So, I'll just leave it out there for anyone who wants to consider helping Jackson with his children. He hopes to move his family (wife and 4 children) deep into the bush once he completes bible school here in Monrovia.

Jackson went with us today to help us buy some African gifts without being ripped off. He haggled with the locals for our price and saved us quite a bit of money. He's really just a joy to be around. Reminds me a lot of my dad.

Nia's birthmom did not show up yesterday. It's still a possibility, but our time is running out.

***We are going to the orphanage today to bring Nia home*****!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sara said...

Yea!!! Pictures! We want pictures! We can't get enough of that girl!!

We have community group on Sunday evening, and it's a new group we lead, so we can't really bug out. Could we stop by afterwards, maybe? Oh, I so want to be there with balloons when she pulls in. Maybe I could go late to CG. But JT and I are giving our life stories. *sigh* We'll figure out something.


Matt Pregont said...

Let us call you Sunday on our way home. We can give you a better idea then. Thanks for wanting to be there when she comes home!

Matt Pregont said...

Sara if you can't come Sunday we will be having a birthday part for Nia that you and the girls can come to.