Sunday, November 04, 2007

Kenny Rogers in Africa

Matt here. The last two nights we had the pleasure, actually we put-up with it, of listening to about 3 rounds of Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits coming from one of the resturants near by. Angel and I would look longingly in each other's eyes and sing Islands in the Stream to each other. It was so romantic :-)..... Why in the world did the Eagles agree to let Kenny sing Desperado; it is a horrible re-make. But of course, who doesn't love the Gambler?!!!!

Tonight is the music in the air is some Afri-Pop. I swear all the CDs are burned copies because every hour or so the song starts to skip. Neadless to say we wear ear plugs to bed. Oh yah, another 10am sleep in!!!! It is great.

Hope all is well in the states, I'm now going to quickly see if my Packers and Titans won today and if my Badgers won Saturday.

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