Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Life with Nia in the house means I'm on my toes as long as she's awake. Her curiosity draws her to test any and all new things, like the DVD player, microwave, stove knobs, dishwasher, door alarm, light switches, toilet handle, and so forth. It's like having a very tall toddler, not just in this curiosity, but developmentally, as well. She just can't seem to get enough of teasing her brothers and sisters. I remember when my brother told me not to cross the carpet line that separated the hallway from his bedroom. Like any good little sister, I edged my toe ever so slowly across that line. Nia is the same, just looking for opportunities to get under someone's skin.

That said, tonight she put herself to work in the kitchen. There is nary a dirty dish nor countertop to be found. When asked at supper what her favorite part of the day was, she replied, "washing the dishes." I have the shiniest kitchen sink in town tonight because of my daughter's relentless scrubbing. Thank you, God! If it were not for these moments of blessings, like how she sings when she does a puzzle, I'd be on heavy medication this week. Fortunately, I've only had to partake of a few glasses of wine so far. (Hi, mom. I'm not an alcoholic.)

I think Nia has a creative streak in her that I am eager to see flourish. She has great attention to detail in her drawings and penmanship. Getting to know her is like de-riddling Clues to a Secret Hidden Treasure Chest. A jewel worth pursuing.

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