Friday, November 02, 2007

Long Day

Here is Nia with the tootsie pop, see my story in the comments section below to understand the story of the tootsie pop and ban dana.

Sorry it took so long to post today. Had internet issues and am just now able to connect.

Today was one of many days of waiting. We met with the leader of ACFI to say hello. We hung out by the ocean for a little while, and then toured downtown Monrovia via taxi. In the year since I've been here a lot has changed. They now have gas stations where people go inside the store to pay, most gas stations are young men by a pump with gas in glass containers.

The change I noticed right away was that put a huge wall around the cemetery with locks on the gates. Last year you could literally see casket on top of casket, yet people would still bring their loved one there. The Chinese have come in and built a huge soccer (football) stadium and are in charge of fixing the roads- it is about time. I won't get political, but how convenient for the Chinese to get a good foot in the door of a country who is rich in natural resources.

We have enjoyed catching up with the Sheppards, the missionary family we are staying with. We had good discussions about the culture and impacts of a society with very few older men. Liberia is the 4th lowest male life expectancy in the world. The radio and billboards talk about men not raping women. The radio is constantly talking to parents about not abusing their kids, and sending them school to allow them to have an education and a childhood. I do see progress and right now that is all you ask from a country who experienced such a long civil war and who is just now getting more foreign aide to build their infrastructure.

Lastly, we showed the Sheppards our videos and pictures of Eva and they just cried. They nursed Eva back to life. Eva came to them being 9lbs and 15 months old. It is great to see people experience the fruits of their labor; for missionaries this is rare because they do more planting than reaping most of the time.


Sara said...

She looks like an angel in this picture!

Brandi said...

What fun! I would LOVE to see a whole blog just on that side comment of the Chinese and their "humanitarian" (ha) work in 3rd world nations that just happen to be rich in natural resources! Like in Sudan and Chad, right?!