Thursday, November 01, 2007

More Pictures

She loved wearing my hat. She is smiling because the Red Sox won the world series!!! Just kidding, she wore that smile and hat all day.

I know many of you are happy for us, and thank you, but know that if you feel called to adopt please stop wavering. When I get home call us, invite us for dinner, take me out to lunch, take me to breakfast, any place to just talk about how you fit into the adoption process. I'm not like some friends, you know who you are (Angel), that say everyone in America should adopt. I do believe there are many who are called to and are ignoring that small voice (aka God) in their heart that pings them about adoption constently. Seeing all those children who want to have homes was tough. Mind you, many were older children that have years of orphanage baggage that will take special families to be patient with the lying, stealing and other issues that crop up when little parental control is in place. There are also many younger children, for example, Erik, age 9 who quietly asked Angel if we could adopt him and take him today (see photo above). If any of you want to read the letters to "any mom and dad" please let me know. It is really hard to walk away from them knowing most of them won't get adopted. They all wrote their names in Angel's notebook, almost like they were validating their existence; that they are worthy of being wanted.

We are tired, going to bed now wishing we had Nia next to us. We are sad, we so wanted to hold her and be with her.


Jeff said...

The pictures are thrilling! Send more!

Jeff & Brenda

Matt Pregont said...

ok, i have video but the dial-up speed prevents me from uploading.

Onica Nichols said...

Hi Matt,
This is a message from my daughter, Elizabeth. Nia knows her as Doema. She was SO HAPPY to see Nia with her mom.
Onica Nichols

Hi Nia Maryann,
I am so happy that you are comming home with your mom and dad!!!!! I am on a soccer team and played a game today. We scored 4 goals and I love school. It is fun to be in school with your friends. Yesterday I went trick-or-treating with my family and I dressed up like a cheerleader. Call me when you get home to America.
Elizabeth Doema Nichols

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful suprise to see Angel with Nia in her arms!!!! I hope you don't mind, I snagged the photo for the reunion DVD. We will all be thinking of you this weekend. Have a safe trip and get that girl HOME!!!

Michelle Parsley

Terry Sanderson said...

Wow! I am in tears and in awe!

You guys are one amazing family and I cannot wait to meet the newest addition!

I am praying for a healthy and safe return trip to Nash-Vegas!

Hugs from Nashville,

Brandi said...

I tried to read this aloud to someone and broke down crying! Tell them we know they are there and we are praying for them!


Anonymous said...

The Ladies at Chick-fil-a in Jackson are so excited for you to have seen Nia. We are praying for you to be home with her very soon. We were truly blessed to meet Angel and to be allowed into Nia's story and journey home. We have been blessed to be able to pray for you all.
God Bless You,
Eve Clouse