Monday, November 05, 2007

Morning Migraine

Matt here. Angel woke up this morning with a migraine. She was close to tossing her flat bread (no cookies). She is now over it, so pray it doesn't come back.

Angel and I finished our first books of the trip. With sporadic internet connection, no TV and no children to care for, all there is to do is read.

Many of you may be wondering if we've seen Nia again since Thursday. We have not. It was a hard decision. Saturday and today (Monday) would have been the only days we could have gone to the orphanage. It is an 1.5 hour trip through some of the worse roads I've ever seen. Also, when we left Nia the first time she was extremely sad and I felt like she didn't believe we were coming back. To leave her two and three more times, knowing that we can't say with 100% certainty that we will be taking her home, is tough. We long to be with her, and know we will see her in the next days. By Tuesday we should know if we can take her home. This waiting is heavy on the heart, full of fear of the worse, and feeling like this counselor will see some fault in us that will cause her to deny the Visa.

Know we wait till our trip to the Mercy Ship.


Anonymous said...

Angel & Matt, I am so thrilled to be following your incredible journey to Nia. I have everything crossed that it all works out on Tuesday and that you and Nia will be an 'official' family very soon.
Matt, I never knew you were such a great blogger. When you stop adding kids, you may have just found another career ;-)
Angel, you are an amazing Mama. I know how much you love to fly. Is there no limit to what you will do for your children.
Seriously though,Richard and I send you huge hugs and our sincere best wishes. You guys are the best and we adore you. Stay safe, stay positive and give each other a hug from us. Kim C

Matt Pregont said...

Saw a Chevy promo with the local cell phone pre-paid scratch off and win a free chevy. thought richard may be behind that one :-)