Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nia's Gift to Me

Angel here. Yesterday just went from bad to worse for poor Nia. We brought our dog, Ox, home from friends who kept him while we were gone. Ox's name is a great description of his size. He's a black Rottweiler, Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. He can easily rest his chin on a kitchen table without straining. Anyway, when we put him in the back of the van, Nia scrambled out of her seat, up to the front, and out the door. She was screaming from sheer terror and clinging to me. It took no small amount of explaining that he wouldn't come near her in the van and that he was a Good Boy. Once we got home, any sight of him peering through the back door sent her racing to the front of the house screaming for dear life.

Last night she lay on her bed with tears streaming. Again, no audible crying, but the tears were there. I "spooned" with her for a while before asking if she'd like to come sit with me in the living room. When she agreed, I had to control my excitement! We both layed on the couch with her in front of me, leaning back against my chest. What a GIFT! She ended up sleeping between me and Matt in our bed all night.

As for Ox, well, that will just take time. She doesn't know he'd tear a stranger apart for her if he thought Nia would be harmed. So many things in this process have reminded me of how God wants to give us good things, but we so often settle for mediocre or even less. Ox is scary to her, but he would protect her with his life. Leaving the familiarity of the orphanage to come with strangers to a world of total differences, all for the sake of being part of a family.... So much trust.....


Anonymous said...

The first time Peter said Mommy (screemed actually) was when a dog came up to him. As scary as it was for him it brought about bonding. And it sounds like the same will happen in your case. The snuggling during falling asleep works wonders in bonding. It is their valnerable time the perfect time to show our love.

alice said...

Oh Angel, this post was so exciting to me! Praise God that he is using the little things to break down the wall. Praise God that you are so sensitive to these moments. Bit by bit and then the wall will crumble!