Tuesday, November 06, 2007

No Kenny So Far

Ok, I'll stop beating the Kenny horse. Angel doesn't think its funny anymore (as she now laughs)...

We are sitting on the porch feeling the cool breeze, watching the lightening, and listening to the thunder roll. This is the first time we can remember not sweating. When you are here you manage sweat like you manage your email inbox- it is always there, sometimes you get a break but it always comes back and most the time in a mass onslaught. Not to mention sweat, like your email, builds up overnight and makes you wish you never woke up.

I don't know about you, but all the tension around the Visa appointment has been exhausting. I know many of you are living vicariously through us and we appreciate you joining in on our journey. We can all sleep better tonight :-)

Times like these make me question why Angel and I put ourselves through this, wouldn't it be easier to do nothing? I don't blame most of you for asking the same question of us. I feel right now like you feel after a good workout- tired, exhausted, hurting, but you also feel good about what you did and that is bettering yourself. I know we've bettered our family for adding Nia to it, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Rest assured we aren't pursuing another adoption in the near future (aka Eva in college). We are putting the proverbial vasectomy on adoption for the Pregont's. The next chapter for adoption with Angel and I is to help families choose adoption and to support them through every facet of the process.

Both Hands Ministry is a ministry that helps orphans and widows. They will be working with us to help raise money for the costs associated with this adoption. We are excited what this will do for us, but even more excited what it will do for families who allow the cost of adoption to prevent them taking the step. To see a video about Both Hands, go to http://www.fellowshipnashville.org/content/media/personal_stories.aspx and choose the "Putting Faith in Action with Both Hands" video. More to come on the blog about our Both Hands Event.

Lastly, as we were going in to the Embassy with Nia, a Liberian man using crutches because he had one leg, asked if we were adopting her and taking her to America. We said "yes." He simply said "thank you." A very sincere thank you. Life in Liberia is rough and not easy. It surprised us that he wasn't jealous, but that appeared very happy for Nia.

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