Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nothn' Like a Big Sister

Nothn' like a big sister to do your hair!! Yes, this is the art work of Nia. Eva sat for 1.5 hours as her new big sis corn rowed her hair. Nia's new doll also got corn rows.
When I got home from work and saw Eva I wanted to get out my Jackson 5 Greatest Hits.
Today is one of those rare "my kids are so talented" days. Since this is my blog, I'm going to brag on two in particular. Nia- holy cow can she braid hair. For an 8 year old, she has talent!!!
Secondly, Jacob wrote a piano song. He wrote down some notes he is learning and created two lines of music. It actually sounded good. Because I can't read music, I'm not sure the notes he played are same as what he wrote down (Angel just confirmed that they are).
Gotta go and get Clive out of the bath tub. With Nia home the boys can no longer run nude around the house, me neither :-)

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Tama said...

"Ain't no mountian high enough..." Toooooo cute. I learned yesterday that both my girls can "Plat" I am so excited! Thanks for sharing!