Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our Family- ALLLLL 8 of Us

Matt Here: This is us at Thanksgiving in East TN at Angel's mom's house. Kids Left to Right: Jacob (8), Hudson (5), Clive (6.5), Nia (8). On the fence Left to Right: Eva (3), Isabel (3.5)


Lindsay said...

What a beautiful family! Angel I love what you wrote in your last post. You are full of wisdom, woman! It's so great to watch what God is doing in your lives. We miss you all greatly.
Love, LIndsay C

Anonymous said...

Ditto Lindsay!! Thank you Angel for posting a new photo. I cannot get over how big the boys are, more like little men now! What a beautiful family, inside and out!


Ginger said...

What a great picture!! What are all the kids' ages?

Starla said...

I check here every day or two to see what is new with your beautiful family. I love the pic with all of you. I love reading your posts, Angel, and seeing what God is teaching you through your new daughter. Love, Starla

Missy said...

Great family picture.