Friday, November 09, 2007

Picture of Nia

Yes, China Reunion friends she is wearing last year's reunion shirt. She loves red.

Angel just showered her and now she is back coloring. Still not talking much.

Oh, by the way we did meet the birth mother yesterday. The birth mother also wants to say good-bye to Nia today. We have mixed emotions about this. Nia saw me downloading a picture of her mother and said "that's my ma." We asked if she wanted to say good-bye to her and she does want to. I just asked her again to be safe. Granted she is so young I'm not sure if she would be honest with me.

We are excited to be packing our bags this morning. Our flight leaves at 6:50pm tonight.

Going to eat breakfast and have coffee.


peggy said...

What size is Nia(clothes)? Can't wait to see her with her NEW family! Mom

Deana said...

Nia is beautiful! Congratulations Pregont family!

Jon said...

Congratulations, Nia and to your family. May the Lord continue to bless you all.

- Jon Wilmot

alice said...


I am sitting here in tears.

Isn't it fascinating how these children long to be out of the mission and with a new family, but the transition brings so many strange emotions. Hannah told me that they really don't like to cry, especially in front of people. I am praying that the Lord will give you insight into her bonding with you.
I want to talk with you when you are back regarding speaking at our church. I also want contact info on the open hands people.

rejoicing with you!

Gina Griswold said...

i am thrilled for you guys...the waiting is over! i know your kiddos will be excited to see you. i am praying for eva and isabel in this transition. it will be interesting to see how eva responds (i think i know how isabel will respond...she's gonna wear your legs out with hanging on them! just raise your leg when she's hanging on and consider it a workout for the day) jared finally showed me the e-mail you sent me! thanks for writing back. i miss you. i will see you soon. you know i am already looking ahead to our next coffee time...lots to talk about.
love you guys,