Saturday, November 03, 2007

Time Well Wasted

To take a phrase Brad Paisley, this morning was "time well wasted." Don't worry, Brad Paisley is the only country singer I really like.

Angel woke up around 9:00am and yours truly woke up at 10:00am!!!!!! It was great, no guilt at all.

I went upstairs to the Sheppard's home to have my coffee and granola. Angel, Nancy and I sat around and talked about parenting, the stickin' thinkn of needing to please others, and a host of other topics. It is so great to see the Sheppard's humility. They have every right, in human terms, to be proud of serving Liberia for over 20 years....for working the refugee camps during the civil war, for raising 5 great kids while in Africa. They are thankful, not is a great reminder for me. I so want to please others. It is easy for me to get prideful when people comment about our adoptions. The truth is, there are many times I wanted to stop the adoption because it was too hard emotionally, financially and seemed the logical thing to do. After seeing my daughter, there is no doubt she is meant to be a Pregont. She is meant to be my daughter.

Otherwise we are reading our books. On weekends the power is off most the day. Will post tonight.


Doug & Lily Bradley said...

It's wonderful to hear that you are finally on the ground in Liberia and picking up your daughter!

gina griswold said...

matt and angel,
gina here! i'm at leaon and sarafaye's house. just finished a good meal and waiting on the pie (angel, do as i say not as i do in terms of diet!) i finally started wondering if you were blogging. you see, i was waiting for an e-mail notification like they do on caringbridge. i thought, "surely matt has posted something!" so, i couldn't remember your site address so i typed in matt pregont blog on google. there you were!! i am so thrilled that nia ran into angel's arms that first day. i love the pics of her in your hat, matt. i am anxious for you all to return so we can get these crazy girls together! i'll be checking the site more regularly now! love you guys!

stacey said...

Matt and Angel,
Praise the Lord, I love reading your updates. I have Jacob, Clive and Isabel right now and they are doing great. They are having fun with their cousins. We are heading to church in about an hour. Isabel can't wait to see Aunt Stacey's 3yr old class. Can't wait to see you Sat.
I love you two.

Brandi said...

What a special time. I can't wait to meet them and thank them for their service to a country I have fallen in love with.