Saturday, November 17, 2007

Today has been better. I was doing a 100-piece puzzle on the floor with Nia and she started singing to herself. My heart lept! or leaped, whatever. I didn't say anything about her singing for fear she would stop. It meant so much to me that she was relaxed and comfortable enough to let go a little.

We've also discovered that Nia is no stranger to a drum. She gave us a small demonstration on the one we brought home from Liberia. She's like an onion that we keep peeling back new layers on.

I was flipping through a toy catalogue we received in the mail and found "NIA" written on quite a few of the babydoll toys and the bicycle. Made me smile because I used to lay in the floor, pen in hand, and mark up the Sears Christmas catalogue when I was a little girl. I guess some things are universal?

She makes this clucking or clicking noise with her tongue sometimes when she wants to say 'no.' I suppose there's no use wasting breath on words when you can just cluck.

I can't remember if I've mentioned her Salt Craving. She adds salt to everything, even pretzels and popcorn. We actually caught her with a handful just going to town on it. She put it in her water, too. I'm certain there's a deficiency in her body that accounts for this extreme craving. We don't have a doctor's appointment until Dec 10. Until then, the salt shaker is hidden behind the peanut butter in the pantry. I write this more for my own benefit when I forget where I've put it, so I can read my blog and find out.

That's pretty much it for today. I'm very well spent emotionally, physically, mentally. I would include Spiritually, except that God has given me special treats these past few days, just for me. Little things that He knows mean something to me. I love how He knows me so well, and how He cares enough to lift my head when I am weary.



Ginger said...

Maya used to chew on any plastic thing she could find. I know that's a vitamin deficiency, so I was real excited when that habit disappeared.
How is she with fruits and veggies?

Oh, and does Nia have a pretty voice? Everyone who left the orphanage told me how Maya loves to sing. She sure does. I think those people were all laughing inside however. Maya sings like a dying cat, poor thing.

Matt Pregont said...

Ginger, Nia has eaten one apple and one banana since coming home. She does not like veggies. At all.

I haven't heard enough of her voice to really know if it's pretty. I feel so honored to be privy to her singing or voice under any circumstance.

Doug & Lily Bradley said...

I think the clicking is some sort of liberian cussing/rude speech - from what I have read elswhere. (other children of course, doing it to their parents).

Melodie said...

So good to hear how things are going. Though I wasn't able to meet you, now that you are blogging I can still get to know you a bit.

The liberian food has such strong flavor it is possible that's why Nia wants to put extra salt on her food. Try letting her use red pepper flakes. I might let her continue to use the extra salt, though. I heard about a kid with an extra craving. When salt was taken away from him he died between that time and when the test results came back from the doctor. SO...

Just some thoughts...


Melodie said...

Oh, and on the clicking. There's the clicking "no" thing, like you have experienced, and the cross, sucking her teeth, when she is mad. Don't let her do that (extreme disrespect) but the clucking just means "no", like you thought.