Friday, November 30, 2007


Apparently, Nia has teased Clive one too many times about seasoning his food with red pepper. Today at lunch all the red pepper had mysteriously disappeared. Nobody knew anything about it. Nia searched the kitchen over, even the fridge for her Precious, but it was no where to be found. I continued saying, "Hmm. That's so odd. The pepper was right here on the counter all morning." Finally, Clive fessed up. He had HAD it with the pepper threats. We talked things through and Nia agreed to stop teasing him about adding it to his food. He retreated to his room and came out holding all the red pepper.

I was just about at the end of my rope today from general stress of having 6 children between the ages of 3-8, one of which is particularly trying lately. I had considered walking out the front door and locking it behind me so the kids would be safe inside whilst I drove away as far as my gas tank would allow. But God had a different plan in mind. I stumbled onto another mom's blog about being unplugged from TV and all electronic games. Wow, I thought. What bliss....except for all that time I'd have to come up with things for them to do. She just so happened to have many resources and suggestions for play. I took her advice and pulled out some boxes, markers, and crayons and just let the kids go to town with it all. I put on Erin O'Donnell's jazzy Christmas CD, and there was peace at 315 Hancock for about one hour. I've wanted to go Unplugged for several years, but it just seems like an insurmountable task. I think we'd all go through some withdrawal for at least a few weeks before we figured out we could read, play games, and even talk to each other. We don't have Xbox, Wii, or other games I know nothing about. We don't even have cable. However, I still find that we all manage to congregate a little too much in front of screens for mindless entertainment. I'm not poo-pooing TV, so don't go there with me.

So what started out with me wanting to bail on my family this morning ended up as an Okay Day. They even played outside together, and Nia finally wore the little brown tennis shoes I bought her. I guess climbing a fence is daunting in soccer slides. She even tried on the tights and leggings I bought, too. Never mind that she laughed her head off (the Throw Back Your Head kind of laugh) the entire time she wrestled with the tights. At least she tried.


Ginger said...

Did you really just mention a great post on a blog and not tell us where to find the blog??? Uggghhhh, you're such a novice. LOL
May I have a link please? Pretty please.

Matt Pregont said...

Here's the blog. She has loads of other links on there.

From Five to Eight said...

I was just going to ask the same thing! Thanks for sharing! It's COLD, windy, icing and snowing right now in Iowa. I need ideas :)
Going there right now!

Stefanie said...

Angel I just love reading your blog. I too have wanted to 'unplug' but wasn't sure I could handle the withdrawl and "I'm bored....' You are an inspiration.