Thursday, November 08, 2007

We Have Her!!!!

Matt here.

We have her, she is sitting right next to me coloring in her coloring book. We have her VISA and Immigration documents. I can now sleep knowing that we have what we need to bring her to America!!!

When we pulled up at the orphanage she had my Red Sox hat on. She was carrying a little plastic wrap bag of pepper. The hat the pepper was all she wanted to take with her. We went to her room and kept asking her if she wanted to take anything home her her. "No, Dah noothin." As Americans we can hardly believe that living in a place for over 5 years and you have nothing to take with you? How free is that!?

Nia talked to her brothers and sisters and grandmas tonight. Isabel talked to her non-stop, I took the phone and Isabel was still talking non-stop not even aware that someone else was on the line, then said, "Okay. I'll talk to you more when you come home."

It really is like having a daughter who speaks a foreign language. She doesn't always understand us. She is sooooo quiet. She ate spaghetti tonight, but we are not sure if she liked it.

angel here. Picking Nia up at the orphanage was harder emotionally than I imagined. Right before we left, her friend just stood next to her and started to weep audibly. That's when I lost it. Nia just looked at the ground and dabbed her eyes with her shirt. It was very, very difficult to leave those kids.

When Nia took me to her room I asked what she wanted to take home with her. Nothing. I asked again to make sure she understood. Again, nothing. So she left that place with only the clothes on her back, flip flops on her feet, and Matt's Boston Redsox baseball cap on her head.

Her hands rested on our legs the whole ride home, and her eyes were glued to the scenery. She said nothing and showed hardly any emotion other than an occasional grin. It's a little awkward now that we are all 3 in our room. We're trying just to go about our business and not make her the center of attention. Nobody feels comfortable with other people staring at them. I was able to ascertain that her favorite color is red, which makes sense she's clad in red from head to toe.


Tama said...

YEEEEAAAA! Soooo excited for you! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!! Have a great trip back!

Starla said...

Matt and Angel,

It is so good to hear how God has worked out all of the details for you. I know you'll be glad to be on that airplane tomorrow! We met MinMin one month ago today, and I well remember the strange feeling of having 3 in the hotel room, and no one feeling quite comfy!
Missed you at the reunion!!


Kim C said...

Whoohoo! Congratulations! I cannot imagine how you must feel right now. I am sure you are thrilled to know that Nia is finally coming home and is officially a Pregont, but I am sure there is also a lot of sadness as you leave others behind.

These kids are incredible and I know with your love and support Nia will blossom into an even more amazing young lady. We are holding you all in our hearts and prayers and you start your journey home.

It has been an honor to follow your journey, but it is even more of an honor to call you our friends. Sleep well tonight, life is good and your family is complete. Sweet dreams and safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Angel - you don't know me but I attend Fellowship and I found your blog a while back and just happened to check it again the other day and have been reading about Nia. I have been moved to tears just about every time I have read the newest entry - happy tears when thinking about Nia finding her parents in you guys and then immediately I am crying for all of the ones left there alone. You are an incredible family and Nia is blessed beyond belief to have you. Thank you for sharing all of this in your blog. God hasn't called us to adopt - but my heart is stirring.

Kori Meyers

Ginger said...

That's awesome! I just wanted to pop in and say how much I'm enjoying all these posts! So cool to be a part of your journey!

Tama said...

Angel...see my post on AOH titled "Any interest" I need you to ask Jackson if he would want a device that has a dramatized bible downloaded on it. Works on batteries recharged by solar or hand crank. They have it translated into two Liberian languages. Will you ask Jackson if he would want English, Bassa or Kisi? Kids bible and/or Adult?

Sally said...

Matt & Angel

I have been following your adventure and have enjoyed your postings thoroughly!!! I love the picture with Nia jumping into Angel's arms. Looking forward to meeting Nia soon!

jaz said...

PRAISE GOD!!! This is beautiful, and heart-wrenching all at the same time. I am so, so happy for you!!!
Jamie Z. :0)