Sunday, November 11, 2007

We in the States!!!

We are here in Chicago. We stayed the night with my sister. Nia has met 3 of
her 5 siblings- Jacob, Clive and Izzy. Izzy hasn't stopped talking since we
arrived. Clive keeps saying "Nia doesn't talk to us much." This is true for
the whole trip.

Nia was a great traveler. She slept and played with her toys. We got through
Immigration and Customs easily.

We finally had good movies on our flight. Evan Almighty had me gut laughing.

As I type this it is 10:08am CST and we just stopped at a Starbucks in
Maryville, just South of Chicago. We are still on schedule to arrive between
6pm and 7pm.

I almost forgot that I can now use credit cards. Dang what happened in the
Middle East while I was gone? Gas prices are crazy. It is $3.19 a gallon in


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Woohoo!!!! So glad to see you are HOME!!! Welcome home Nia!!!