Monday, December 10, 2007


Clive (1st grade) was given a warning/ultimatum over the weekend from one of his choir directors. If he belched on stage one more time, he'd be removed from stage instantly. Little did they know, to him that was an opportunity to get out of choir for good. Fortunately, he showed great self-control and made it through 4 church services and the actual performance with no belching on stage. He can now officially quit kids' choir.

Nia had her first doctor visit today. They drew blood for tests, which required me laying on top of her full-body in order to keep her still enough for the draw. I was sweating by the time they finished. Her doc called this evening to say that some of the bloodwork is already back, and the biggest concern so far is that she is very anemic. More results to come later this week.

The doctor wrote an order for bone testing if we want to get an accurate medical opinion on her age. Her birth certificate says she 11yo, but we will probably "make" her about 8. He seemed to think that age might be closer to the truth.

We're still having some defiance issues. Sigh. I do, however, think we are gaining ground slowly into her heart.

A word about her personality...You can take the girl out of Africa, but....Sunday morning we agreed on a beautiful cranberry-colored dress with sparkling buttons for church. I left her to get ready and she emerged moments before we walked out the front door wearing that beautiful cranberry dress with flip-flops on her feet and a green do-rag on her head.


Anonymous said...

Do the bone scan. I think you really need to know the truth about her age. If she's younger, than great. If not, than you really know, and aren't just guessing.


Ginger said...

That's hilarious! Rewarded for restraining his belches. Cute!
Still praying for sweet Nia. What is your plan to treat the anemia?