Friday, December 28, 2007

Good Bye Call Center

Matt here. Yes, Angel has taken over my blog.

It is a sad day for me professionally. After almost 10 years in the call center business I'm moving on. I just accepted a new position at the company I currently work at. I'm being vague due to random search engines picking up on my company's name and I just rather not draw attention to myself on the wild web.

I have accepted an Account Executive position in our Client Services Division. I will be working with our 2nd largest client. If you know my career it is the company I previously worked for in the wireless industry. Jacob doesn't understand how I can work with my former employer but not for them. He keeps thinking I left my company to go back to the other one. It is great to be working with that company again. I left there on very good terms and look forward to new challenge. The best part of my new job is that I get to play with the latest and greatest cell phones!!!!

Over my 10 years in the call center business I've worked with many great people from a variety of backgrounds; racially, economically, religiously, and sexually. I will miss working with all those who put up with customers yelling at them and yes sometimes me yelling too (ya right I couldn't hurt a flea). In the crazy world of call centers I've been able arrange for a kindergarten class to have a cookie party, get Stephen Baldwin into a certain vehicle I used to work with, get Robert Redford's handler a new cell phone while shooting The Last Castle, and surprise many customers by going the extra mile. On the flip side I've "accidentally" hung-up on customer's who used more foul language and obscene statements than Borat.

I will miss all the lame excuses for reps calling out, some of the classics are (and are all true):
  • my cat has a fever
  • I ran out of gas and I have a flat tire
  • my grandmother Jones died (for the second time that year)
  • I was up late working my second job (even though his girlfriend called out the same day saying that she was hung over while parting with her boyfriend -hmm wonder who was the lier)
  • I ate Chinese food and have food poisoning
  • My electricity went out and I overslept (even though they told me last week they use their cell phone as an alarm clock)
  • I ate Mexican food and have food poisoning
  • I have a migraine headache (but they could text their co-workers all day long)
  • I ate something and have food poisoning
  • My car won't start (even though it is a Saturday and someone could take them to work)
  • I'm sick and I'm in the process of getting FMLA (aka For My Lazy Ars) for the 4th time this month
  • I'm a Seventh Day Adventist and can't work Saturdays (even though she worked the same schedule for the previous 9 months, oh ya and eats meat all the time)
  • I'm in jail for the next 90 days for drunk driving. Can you keep my job?
  • Last but not least, I ate something that I must be allergic to

How I will miss those lovely calls and the call center in general. One of my bosses used to say that managing a call center is like being a mayor of a small town. He was sooo right.

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