Thursday, December 27, 2007


Christmas was spent in Wisconsin with Matt's family. It was the first snow for Nia. She said, "Can I touch it? It looks like salt." While she enjoyed the snow, she preferred to enjoy it from a distance...inside the house.

The only drawback for Christmas is that now Nia thinks both grandmothers are rich, as well as her parents. "Why you not buy me dat toy?" Compared to the rest of the world, we ARE rich.

Every day is still unpredictable with her, but it's getting better every day, too. This afternoon she played in such a sweet, sisterly way with her 5yo brother, Hudson. She is sharing more, also. We have found that boredom is usually the culprit for Teasing Attacks.

Here's my favorite quote this week: "I was doing the family grocery shopping accompanied by two children, an event I hope to see included in the Olympics in the near future." ~Anna Quindlen


Ginger said...

This was our triplets' first Christmas in America and they seemed genuinely disappointed - very strange considering how much they rec'd. I think they built it up so much in their minds that nothing short of fireworks at Disney World would have impressed them.
After the first get-together, the rest was much better. They're expectations were down to reality and they seemed thrilled by the bandaids and pencils and such in their stockings. Funny!
We still haven't seen snow yet tho. I'm jealous!!

Matt Pregont said...

Nia did seem a little disappointed at times. Today she pointed out to me a certain toy she didn't get for Christmas that she wanted. Never mind the 4 dolls she got.

Jamie said...

We were both in the same neck of the woods as we traveled to UP Michigan. We're currently in WI driving back to MS. My Liberian daughter isn't home yet but only one of our children remembered snow. The littlest (3) commented that it looks like cotton! We sure had fun playing in the white stuff! Now its time to warm up and come back to the south!