Wednesday, December 05, 2007


This letter came via another family who recently went to Liberia to pick up their child from Nia's orphanage. The letter is from Matterline, the girl who stood beside Nia and wept audibly the day Nia left the orphanage.

Dear Nia,
My reason of me writing you this letter it to tell you that I love you but God love you the best. I pray that God will be with you and your family. I want you to please find me a family for me and my brother. I have one brother. My brother name is Seyfou Toe. My best color are orange and yellow.

(I have no less than 50 letters like this from the orphans. Most of them are addressed to "Any Mom and Dad" and they are all asking for families.)

Another letter:
Nia was in my room in Dorm 5, Room 8, but I can not see Nia now. She was a little good girl. When she was going I cry, but one day I will see Nia and her family. Please send me a picture. I am 10 years old. I have one sister and brother. My sister name is Merrous and my brother name is samuel. We do not have mother, but our father is very poor. He don't have anything to give us, so he bring us to this mission for help. Can you please help us? Nia, your friends say hello. May joy be in your new home. Good by.

On the outside of this letter is a note to me, Angel: Please give this letter to any famiily who want to adopt us who love little children.

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Anonymous said...

how sad...wish there were 50 parents for the 50 letters. Love, Denise