Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Past

Nia noticed a man wearing camoflauge walking on the sidewalk today. She said, "Look Ma. Police." I realized that she was thinking about what soldiers and rebels wore in Liberia. I asked her if she had ever seen police at the orphanage in Liberia. She said at her home before she went to the orphanage. I asked if she had ever seen anyone killed. She said, Yes.

So wrong that someone her age has seen probably more than one person killed. She said she was afraid of police in Liberia. We didn't get around to whether or not she knew the people she saw killed. Someday she may talk about it again.


Sara said...


This one breaks my heart. We are praying for you!


Matt Pregont said...

I have to remind myself of her past when I get frustrated with her. God knows how I'd be if I had lived her life in Liberia.