Sunday, December 30, 2007


A friend of our's gave Nia a bicycle tonight as a late Christmas present. He fixed it up and it's practically brand new. She can't ride one, but she has always looked envious of her brothers when they ride at the park. Should be interesting to teach her.

With the New Year fast approaching, I always get this desire to purge all the unwanted things: toys, clothes, clutter, weight, dust. I just want everything stripped down. I can't wait to get the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving and I can't wait to take it down the day after Christmas. So, tomorrow I'm taking some Personal Time to reflect on the past year and ways to improve the next one. Specifically, I've GOT to come up with some kind of chore system for the kids. As my friend says, "Angel, if you don't have enough time for yourself, then your kids aren't doing enough around the house." I've been intending to implement a chore system for 3 years, but then we move, adopt a child, move again, adopt another child, etc. And I feel like a hamster on a wheel who just can't ever seem to get anywhere. I'm still working on the unplugged plan, too. I bought a great game for Christmas that we all love called Blokus. Look on for it. It has helped us unplug and spend family time together. Some day, when they're all too old to eat the pieces, I want us to get in the habit of having a jigsaw puzzle set up round the clock somewhere in the house. I have lots of lofty goals. :- ) Do not fear, however. I have no intentions of grinding my own wheat and making homemade bread. I tried to make bread once without a bread machine. I could hammer nails with the end result.

The sibling issues are still ever present in our home. Most fingers like to point at Nia, and admittedly, they are usually accurate pointers. Getting her to express feelings is one of our biggest hurdles right now. She just doesn't know how to understand her feelings or express them either. Totally foreign. When we're reading together I'll say how do you think this person feels based on the picture. Then, why do you think they feel this way? How would you feel?

I'll close with a funny about her....when she wants to fry an egg, she'll say, "Ma, please light the fire. " When I turn on the stove eye, she'll look in the cabinet underneath for the fire. When she's done with her egg, "Ma, please off the fire."

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Ginger said...

We recently got Blokus too! OMIGOSH, that is like so totally weird, like for real!
We really like that game.
Why does anyone make bread w/o a bread machine? Seriously. They must be martyrs. A good friend of mine buys a bread machine everytime she sees one a the thrift store (best place to buy never-used bread machines BTW) - she figures she can always find someone who wants one.