Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saving the Day

Our 5yr-old son, Hudson, likes to dress up like Spiderman, and then put his real clothes on top so that he can also be Peter Parker, as well. The other day I was looking for him in the house...."Hudson, where are you?"

"Mom, I'm in here saving the day."

It just reminded me of how God redeems so many of my days when I lose it or don't call on Him first, etc. He saves the days for me over and over. The ultimate Day Saver. One friend of mine was talking about interacting with her children throughout each day, and she said, "Angel, just always try to end the day well, no matter what happened throughout the day."

Have you ever eaten so much red pepper on your food that your BMs burn on their way out? Nia has. Are your BMs red? Nia's are.

Nia's pouting and sulking times are getting shorter (thank God!). I keep reminding her when she decides not to talk to me that she is part of a family now, and families talk to each other. To think that a child has to learn to be a daughter and a sister.....

On a different subject, last night two friends and I had a Christmas Gathering here in the inner city where I live. A friend shared her life story with a group of 40 or so women, and 20 women accepted Christ. Most of them expressed interest in doing a bible study with us in January. Hallelujah!! God loves to Save.


Sara said...

AAAAHHHHH!!!!! Who is your friend who shared her life story? Wow! Nothing changes lives like changed lives, they say!

Glory to God in the highest!


Starla said...

How exciting, Angel.....we had a similar night here last week, and one expressed interest in a Bible study. One or twenty, God is who works in hearts.

And He uses mommies to work in the hearts of little girls....I love reading how He is using you!


Brandi said...

Angel, I am catching up with your blog. Thank you so much for blogging.. .the good and the bad. You are doing God's work in such a tangible way with your Nia. Pursue her heart as your Jesus does yours! I'm praying with you!