Saturday, December 08, 2007

Settling Down

It's been a relatively calm week with Nia. She's had her moments of pouting and defiance, but they are shorter lived. I am feeling more confident about telling her No without fear of her reaction. With God's help I am able to remain pretty steady emotionally with her "episodes" of pouting/defiance. I have, however, let it fly when she can't hear me. I am able to use humor more to make a point with her, and get her to smile at herself. She is starting to talk more, which is such a blessing after getting only Yes and No for weeks. We have learned that indeed there were times when she had no food at the mission. At first she told us she always got 3 meals/day. She only admitted the truth after we told her we knew from another source that she didn't always have 3 meals/day. What kind of fear is instilled into a child that still holds onto them on another continent?

Jacob and Clive have their kid's choir performance tomorrow night. Clive stands by his statement after the last practice that "Choir Stinks." Jacob is tired of practice, but for him it's always a party if there's one more person around. Nia has given Eva a new cornrow style. Matt and I took turns holding Eva still whilst she received her new coiff. She's SO tenderheaded. Or Stubborn. Isabel has been moping around the house for 4 days with a low-grade fever. So pitiful, but cute. Hudson, well, he's just Tigger.

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