Friday, December 21, 2007

Sickness and Traditions

Nia has finally gotten sick. Every other child in the family has gone through bad colds and bronchitis, and Nia finally got her turn. I'm really grateful in a weird way. It puts her in a position of needing us more and having to rely on us more. When Isabel came home from China she had RSV and a dislocated hip. She had fought letting us cuddle her, even at 11mths old, until she got so sick she couldn't fight us anymore. When she had her spica cast she also had to let us hold her whenever we wanted. It shot us 6 months ahead in the bonding process.

We're heading to Wisconsin to visit Matt's family for Christmas. Nia will most likely freeze her little tail off; it will be in the 20s just about every day. Maybe she'll decide that tights and pants are a good invention. Anyway, we've been letting the kids open one present each day this week to avoid hauling it all up north and risk getting things mixed up with cousins. I have to say, I actually like this idea of one thing a day. You'll never see them so excited about opening socks any other time. I also like that it keeps them from getting overwhelmed with so many things at once. I think this might be the start of a new tradition, maybe saving a big gift for Christmas morning next year and opening the little stuff each day before.

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Brandi said...

Praying that you'll use this time wisely with Nia and she'll feel loved and treasured as you care for her.

Have a fun trip!!