Thursday, January 24, 2008

And Nia's Real Age is.......Drum Roll, please

Seven years, 10 months. Yep. It's official! We were relieved to discover yesterday after the Bone-Age Scan that Nia's Birth Certificate is incorrect. We've always suspected that her birthdate wasn't April 1, 1996, which would make her coming up on 12 years. But somehow we still felt like we were lying when people would ask us her age and we'd cautiously say "8......or, we really don't know."

We'll probably make her birthdate November 11, 1999, which would put her a couple of months younger than Jacob. November 11 is the date she came home to Nashville. That puts her on target for 2nd grade. She's starting to read 3-letter words right now, and math is quite a challenge, too. She is used to learning by repetition and memorization, which is not how I'm used to teaching. I still think teaching her phonics will help her in the long run, even if we have to slow down for now to really grasp the concept.

And one last interesting tidbit of info from the stool samples......there are no parasites worth treating. Yay!


Ginger said...

We've already got US birth certs and SS cards. How much trouble would we bring on ourselves if we had bone scans done now?
We kinda just decided that their given ages fit them developmentally and to just go with it, but. . .

Matt Pregont said...

Ginger, I'm not sure how much trouble it would be. Nia's age difference is significant,so we're happy we did the Bone Scan. If you don't think you're more than a year off then I wouldn't worry about it.

Brandi said...

Yeah! What a relief to feel definite about something! I bet that helps with expectations too. I know Katy said that it helped for her to know that Romeo was a year younger.

Love ya,

Jamie said...

Wow, what a relief it must be to know how old Nia is!!!

Andrea said...

Matt and Angel,
What a blessing you are to your family and others. I love sharing your story of unconditional love with anyone who will listen. Don't give up on Nia she is only doing what she has been taught in her past life. It took several years of the living that way but I am sure that it will only take a few months to fill her heart with the love you have for her and she will then be able to share it the way you do. You are always in my prayers and I love you and your family.

Andrea :-)