Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Hard Days with Nia

I don't post enough about The Hard Days, mostly because I don't want to scare anyone from adopting. We have about 4 hard days each week, and here's the definition of a Hard Day:

~Nia wakes up turning on all the lights in the house at 6am (this is a sure-fire indicator that it's going to be a long day)
~Nia antagonizes her siblings, trying to make them mad at her so she can justify hitting them and verbally abusing them
~Nia twists things any one of us says to make us look like Liars or like we favor someone else over her
~Nia starts writing her given name, Maryann, all over napkins and paper
~Nia starts writing letters that start with "To any mom and dad" just to get some feelers out there
~Nia won't make eye contact with me when confronted and stares just slightly to the right of my face when I talk to her; her mouth will be tightly closed and no amount of encouragment or bribes can get her to speak. Usually, I have to flash my wooden spoon a few times in some very dramatic casual conversation to get any results from her when she's like this.
~Nia moans, wails, flails, thrashes, kicks, rolls all over the floor because I've discliplined her (could be just taking away a priviledge); the rest of the family is reduced to yelling just to commuicate "Mom, I want to color."
~Nia makes a run for it out the side gate of our back yard (I caught her before she actually got out; we have promised to call the police if she gets out of our yard)
~I have 5 other kids, so the chances are high that there will be some weeping and gnashing of teeth by someone at some point
~I am tired, dealing with sinus pressure, have a migraine, have a full schedule, or am just plain sick of dealing with Nia's baggage....therefore, am not able to help turn a Hard Day into a Regular Day by representing Christ to Nia

Today has been a Good Day. :- ) That doesn't give good odds for Tomorrow. :- (


Sara said...

Yes, yes, I can connect with all of this. And when you're sinuses are throbbing it just makes it near impossible to do it all well, right, or in a way that you won't pay for it tomorrow. I'll pray for you tonight that you are given not just an extra measure of grace, but an extra measure of "like"... that Nia feels she is not just loved (a have to) but liked (a want to). I will pray that she will feel, if only for a few moments tomorrow, just how truly loved she is.

At home w/ high fever, aching eyeballs, and skin that hurts, and very sympathetic to the struggles of mothering/teaching when you're under the weather.

Sara said...

I meant "your sinuses"... not that you ARE your sinuses!!!

Chalk it up to the fever.

Brandi said...

continuing to pray for you. . .especially on the hard days when you can't be Jesus to her, that Jesus will be so Jesus to you that you can't help but let it spill over!


Tama said...

Oh my! Hang in there, the fruit is yet to come!
I had one of those weeks with Thursday actually being an ok day!
I'm with ya Angel!