Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hep C Education

Today I took Nia for more bloodwork regarding her Hep C. So the scoop is that she has Hep C, but we just don't know what level, I, II, or III. Level I is the worst and only has 50% chance of being cured. Levels II and III have 80% chance of being cured. Treatment involves weekly shots (which will be administered by her Daddy), along with some oral meds for a minimum of 24 weeks, but possibly up to 72 weeks. is a website that gives more detailed info. The chances of her children or spouse getting Hep C are slim. The only way she can transmit the disease is blood-to-blood contact. Like if she ever shared her razor.

We also got a bone scan done of Nia's wrist today to give a better guesstimate of her age. She was mostly a trooper, but got freaked out at a pic of human innards. Actually, it was just a drawing, but the freakage was still high scale.

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Sara said...

I know someone with Hep C from church who is doing fabulously well, and has been for years. It was BAD too. Do you mind if I pass along the info and have them contact you?