Thursday, January 17, 2008

She Loves Me

Yesterday I was in a fog of sinus pressure, congestion, and 3 days of mouth-breathing whilst throwing ingredients into the crockpot for supper. Nia was in one of her 1000 Senseless Questions moods, like
"Who dis gul (girl) in dis magazine?"
"Why dey call dat crockpot?"
I had tuned her out at some point almost missing,
"I love you, Ma."


"I love you, Ma."
"I love you, too, Nia."

It was the first time she's said that to me. Just out of the blue. Thank you, God!


Ginger said...

THAT'S AWESOME! Congrats, Mommy. And I hope you feel much better soon!

Brandi said...

It's the little things, huh, that keep your eye on the prize? I love that He allows in HIS great Graciousness to let you see tidbits of His work. Thanks for being faithful to this little one. For some reason, she touches me heart like I can't describe and I am overwhelmingly grateful that you are loving on and ministering to her sweet heart. . .is that weird? I don't even know her. Maybe I just love seeing the heart of Jesus through you guys as you minister while not always getting to see the blessings. . .anyways, this comment is now long enough to be a post in and of itself! So, thanks and I'm praying for you guys.


Starla said...

Oh Angel, it makes all of the putting up with 1000 senseless questions, the tantrums, the tormenting the siblings....all of it worth it, when you see God working through you to touch this childs heart, and then you see and hear the results.

Get better soon! Starla